Cellular senescence papers: different cell types

The following is a list of papers demonstrating cellular senescence in cell types other than fibroblasts. It will gradually be up-dated.
Endothelial cells

Vascular endothelial senescence: from mechanisms to pathophysiology. Erusalimsky JD. J Appl Physiol. 2009 Jan;106(1):326-32. Epub 2008 Nov 26.

Telomere attrition and accumulation of senescent cells in cultured human endothelial cells. Hastings R, Qureshi M, Verma R, Lacy PS, Williams B. Cell Prolif. 2004 Aug;37(4):317-24

Endothelial Cell Senescence in Human Atherosclerosis. Minamino et al. Circulation. 2002;105:1541.)

A cell kinetic analysis of human umbilical vein endothelial cells. Kalashnik et al. Mech Ageing Dev. 2000 Dec 1;120(1-3):23-32.

Vascular smooth muscle cells

Vascular smooth muscle cells undergo telomere-based senescence in human atherosclerosis: effects of telomerase and oxidative stress. Matthews et al, Circ Res. 2006 Jul 21;99(2):156-64. Epub 2006 Jun 22

Microarray analysis of senescent vascular smooth muscle cells: A link to atherosclerosis and vascular calcification. Burton et al (2009) Experimental gerontology 2009 Oct;44(10):659-65 PubMed ID:(19631729)
Replicative senescence of vascular smooth muscle cells enhances the calcification through initiating the osteoblastic transition. Nakano-Kurimoto et al,  Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2009 Sep 11. [Epub ahead of print]

Epithelial cells

Beta-galactosidase histochemistry and telomere loss in senescent retinal pigment epithelial cells. Matsunaga et al, Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 1999 Jan;40(1):197-202


T cell replicative senescence: pleiotropic effects on human aging. Effros RB, Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2004 Jun;1019:123-6

The role of CD8+ T-cell replicative senescence in human aging. Effros RB, Dagarag M, Spaulding C, Man J. Immunol Rev. 2005 Jun;205:147-57

Microglial senescence: does the brain's immune system have an expiration date? Streit WJ Trends Neurosci. 2006 Sep;29(9):506-10. Epub 2006 Jul 20

The role of microglial cellular senescence in the aging and Alzheimer diseased brain. Flanary B, Rejuvenation Res. 2005 Summer;8(2):82-5


Astrocytes aged in vitro show a decreased neuroprotective capacity. Pertusa et al, J Neurochem. 2007 May;101(3):794-805. Epub 2007 Jan 23


Demonstration of cellular aging and senescence in serially passaged long-term cultures of human trabecular osteoblasts. Kassem et al. Osteoporos Int. 1997;7(6):514-24.

Relationship between periarticular osteoporosis and osteoblast senescence in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Yudoh K, Matsuno H, Kimura T., Clin Calcium. 2001 May;11(5):612-8

Aging, articular cartilage chondrocyte senescence and osteoarthritis. Martin and Buckwalter, Biogerontology. 2002;3(5):257-64

Pancreatic Beta cells

Pancreatic beta cell senescence contributes to the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes in high-fat diet-induced diabetic mice. Sone H, Kagawa Y., Diabetologia. 2005 Jan;48(1):58-67. Epub 2004 Dec 29


Role of replicative senescence in the progression of fibrosis in hepatitis C virus (HCV) recurrence after liver transplantation. Trak-Smayra et al, Transplantation. 2004 Jun 15;77(11):1755-60

Hepatocyte telomere shortening and senescence are general markers of human liver cirrhosis. Wiemann et al, FASEB J. 2002 Jul;16(9):935-42

Renal cells

Increased expression of senescence-associated cell cycle inhibitor p16INK4a in deteriorating renal transplants and diseased native kidney. Melk et al, Am J Transplant. 2005 Jun;5(6):1375-82

Stem/Progenitor cells

Replicative senescence of mesenchymal stem cells: a continuous and organized process. Wagner et al, PLoS ONE. 2008 May 21;3(5):e2213

Premature senescence of highly proliferative endothelial progenitor cells is induced by tumor necrosis factor-alpha via the p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway. Zhang et al, FASEB J. 2009 May;23(5):1358-65. Epub 2009 Jan 5

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